To become a global reference in decentralized power generation and sustainable energy management, have combined heat and power as a main driver.

Develop, design, build, own and operate integrated energy optimisation solutions, with strong focus on combined heat and power plants, with diversified footprint, contributing to a sustainable energy paradigm and ensuring adequate value creation to all stakeholders.


Since June 2009 that Sonae Capital acts as a player in this business area, through management and operation of several cogeneration and renewable energy plants (solar and wind) in Portugal, with a total installed electrical capacity owned or operated of 73MW.

Energy segment has known a clear expantion and represents one of the strategic development and growth pillars of the Group.

The Energy segment is cleary growing and represents a strategic pillar of growth and development of the Group portfolio. The strategy is based on rational acceleration of the planned growth in Portugal, whose development focuses on the internalization of a portfolio of projects in Portugal available of repowering, as well as the internationalization, actions complemented by strengthening of the team with experienced elements, necessary for the implementation of the development strategy outlined. 


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