Sonae Capital, SGPS, SA informs about the Coupon 1 interest payment of




Lugar do Espido, Via Norte, Maia
Capital social: 250.000.000 Euros
Matriculada na CRC da Maia
Número único de matrícula e de pessoa colectiva 508 276 756
Sociedade aberta

1st and 2nd Emissions
Interest Payment - Coupon 1

Sonae Capital, SGPS, S.A. hereby informs SONAE CAPITAL SGPS 2007/2012 Bonds – 1st and 2nd Emissions Bondholders’, that interest of the 1st coupon will be made available for payment starting on 30 June 2008, by the following amounts:

1st Emission
Gross Amount 1,331.633333333 €
IRS/IRC (20%) 266.326666666 €
Net Amount 1,065.306666666 €

2nd Emission
Gross Amount 1,356.9111111110 €
IRS/IRC (20%) 271.3822222222 €
Net Amount 1,085.5288888888 €

Paying Agent – Caixa Banco de Investimento, S.A.


The settlement of the interest payment of the bonds will be made through C.V.M., and in accordance with its regulations, C.V.M. issue codes – SNPAOE/SNPBOE.

For the purpose of benefiting of tax exemption, non-applicability or reduction of tax withholding obligations Bondholders entitled to such benefits should evidence their fiscal regime, until 30 June 2008, to the financial institution in which the respective bonds are registered.


Maia, 5 June 2008

The Representative for Capital Market Relations